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Bowling in Other People's Lanes! (AGE RESTRICTED)


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    1. Adam Ryan

      Damn NLname straight unsubscribed me from the nelk channel, NLname really hates yall lol

      1. cisco kicks

        Gaik St

      2. cisco kicks

        So getut

      3. Christian Garcia

        Me too

      4. Hackz GamezYT

        Yo tf same

      5. DC fishing

        me too wtf

    2. n17212

      How about you guys give 5,000 to each sub?! You guys aren’t really giving back.

    3. Karpackie Unfiltered

      Salim says no romance haha

    4. Captain Skater

      What the g eazy song

    5. Collin Smith

      14:08 is Biden whenever the media asks a question that wasn’t in the script.

    6. Armando Avalos Lopez

      Tahoe titans

    7. 10k_enanoo

      What’s the song on the intro it sounds familiar

    8. Mikey V

      Lmfao! Hey real bowlers take their games so serious. 🤣 my dad bowed league and one of his teammates would throw the bowing bag whenever he fucked up lmao. This video is amazing! Good Send Boys!

    9. silvia

      “I may look little but I’ll fuck you up” girl if you don’t sit tf down 😂😂😂



    11. Man united 5

      Please do something for your UNITED KINGDOM fans.. we get left out on everything

    12. Let me Think

      That Joe guy at the end seems like a real bitch.

    13. Augie Camacho

      Why doesn’t NLname pay them

    14. Ryan Nolan

      Nothing is more American than shooting some over bowling

    15. John McClane

      Damn people take bowling seriously lmao

    16. worst nightmare

      That would be his last words 😅 I would open fire

    17. Evan Rossi

      8:06 @? asking for a friend

    18. Carrol Stevens

      Lmao when Kyle says don't film me to his camera guy I LOLd'

    19. logan williams

      st john bosco kid looks like the lorax

    20. HandOfFate

      Still can’t believe that bald dude actually smelled his glove 😂

    21. antonio ziemann


    22. Eric Salas

      Plot twist but what if Bradley Martin really was a big time dealer low key

    23. Cameron Ward

      Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack in the beginning of the video? I remember listening to it as a kid and i’m feeling nostalgic.

      1. Faris

        right above it drake

    24. seemelater21

      You guys need to come to Salt Lake City & mess with the Mormon Karen’s.

    25. Talon Polach

      “So you fuck up my game??? Well you’d already fucked yours up tho” 😂🙌🏻

    26. Ulises Corella Jr

      when he said his girl was outta town on valentines...... sheesh

    27. James Stewart

      These guys are fucking legendary

    28. Clarence Parents

      Nelk boys are the best

    29. Jules D

      Should have used a lebowski line

    30. fg7terdgsf67ewsd hurgf976v

      nikka cokk

    31. PettywiseGaming

      That man was about to do 25 to life over a game of bowling 😂😂 real smart individual

    32. Daniel McMullen

      Zero chance y’all got your security deposit back 😂😂😂

    33. YourReal DoseofBoxing

      LOVE THIS XONTENT! Come to Oaxaca, Mexico

    34. Daniel Lamigo

      Holy shit Nelk boys this is my favorite song 24hours by Arizona zervas

    35. Mourning Routine

      We don't fuck with "youtubers" out here. Y'all legit almost died.

    36. Welterman Podcast of Swelter Stan Land

      Only took 13 minutes to get to the prank. Jesus Christ you guys suck

    37. logitr

      w video the best people on here man I fucking love these guys

    38. Boost__Lee

      These bowling alleys actually took place in Alabama LMAOOOO

    39. Roger Clemons


    40. lovell dreams

      fucking send it

    41. fallon deere

      Nelk runs NLname, NLname doesn’t even run NLname lolololololol eat one NLname

    42. David P.

      8:50 LIEING

    43. izac nishimura

      love this fucking channel


      Bowling starts at 12:20

    45. Cameron 23


    46. Johnny Rodriguez

      Fucking hilarious 😭

    47. Joshua Caramoan


    48. Miles Hamblen

      Let me grab a gun over bowling! YEAH, I AM HARD!

    49. Miles Hamblen

      Girls who they they can fuck up men are hilarious.

    50. Im Tom

      *necks tequila* “Okay mate see you later buddy”

    51. Hello

      Why do people care that much? I mean I would just laugh if you did that to me.

    52. Adam Haggard


    53. i suffice

      15:20 lmao do more of this

    54. Rhys Posey

      Bro that last guy was pushing around someone then stopped when he saw brad 🤣

    55. Killin Elmos

      I wish in one of the encounters Bradley would've just been like "what you say to my boys?"😎

    56. AxUnderground official

      oh shit that ending is fuckin lit!!!!

    57. AxUnderground official

      just fuckin’ dropped this shit to my bois

    58. Zack

      Americans always wanna use a gun for no reason

    59. Tim Allen

      That was awesome 😁😁🍻

    60. Francisco Lopez

      What’s the ratio at these things?

    61. Zxqlo

      y’all gotta have some lowkey dude with some big as concealed weapon to shut those old white people who flaunt there guns.

      1. eggrollsoup


    62. Addicted

      That fucking 1942 is absolutely not chuggable he just drank a shit load of it on the fly Jesus Christ

    63. Joseph Emerian

      That was crazy! Send it

    64. Will Betts

      9:12 this guy got blacked out at my apartment party at Boise state and shit black stuff on my roommates floor

    65. Victor carbajal

      When there talking to jay down stairs about “it’s almost like your looking into the guys eyes and talking to him”😂😂😂😂😂

    66. Eliyah bohadana

      Salim should pretend to be blind next time u guys bowl in other peoples lanes

    67. Aiden Mckinley

      I miss jesse 😩😩😩

    68. phi zy

      im sure he finna kill all em fucken cap😂😂😭😭😭😭

    69. illest Rootz


    70. Ékana The Hoodlum

      Love this shit bro 🤣🤣 so funny to see how mad they get

    71. Post_Rocky Balboa

      18:34 The way Lucas walks away 🤣🤣

    72. Joey Mama

      I remember watching this when it came out and it was hard to watch. could’ve acted like youse are just really bad at bowling and ya trying to get better while talking shit but just being a prick isn’t really funny.

    73. Darragh Keogh

      Gowan the lads. Much love from Dublin Ireland Steve your a legend

    74. KCTPgaming

      “Imma go get my gun” boy if you ain’t already got it on you , you already lost and you not about that shit lol. Everyone knows you keep it on you lol

      1. eggrollsoup

        What an idiot honestly, he shoulda used his hands if anything. Not the situation to threaten someone with a gun. I hope he loses his rights to bear firearms.

    75. Magic _.b

      Is it just me or does cousin look like lil nas-x

    76. Youngin Hugo

      What is the intro song called ??0

    77. ian pienaar


    78. Kevin L

      Steve's so anxious with the fans who randomly show up. I would be the same lmao

    79. Tadi Wright

      I actually am from there lmao

    80. Christian Ramirez

      Had to join sendclub after this

    81. jack ssa

      ballers intro song

    82. Fipppy

      You guys are ham

    83. Pablo Sellalot

      Wahhh I'll go get my gun ....😺😺😺

    84. Deive Mendoza

      This one was good hell yes NELK!!!

    85. Ethan Kincy

      “I’ll go get my gun and shoot all you motherfuckers” You’re not that guy pal

    86. Juan Valdez

      Wtf haha NLname unscribed me from your channel 😂 let’s go boyssss the ain’t stopping nelk!

    87. Henry T


    88. Donte

      These Karen’s HEATED bout bowlin😭😭😭😭😂😂😂💜

    89. Joey Recio

      Imagine these guys making cinematic movies and selling out theaters

    90. Max

      Canadians are just the English version of Americans

      1. Alfredo Barragan

        No not all

    91. Nicholas Kenneth Paul Baskier

      Where u boys aways find the birds for the intros?

      1. Gianna Nati

        @Nicholas Kenneth Paul Baskier that’s fucking gross lmao

      2. Nicholas Kenneth Paul Baskier

        @Gianna Nati cause they’re always diggin for my worm

      3. Gianna Nati

        why do you call women birds…

    92. Brown Boy

      Y'all some real niggas

    93. Lil Prada G

      crazy ahh😂😂😂

    94. Hunt Fritch

      Haven’t y’all ever see the big Lebowski lmfaooo

    95. Abdullah


    96. joe ward

      16:14 🤣

    97. Chex NFX

      A few really slow guys in this lol

    98. Jordan Abbotty

      He seen bradley and realised he needed his gun if he was going to take this any further

      1. Jordan Abbotty

        @Randy Marsh B mart will smoke you western style

      2. Randy Marsh

        I mean why fight nowadays, people don’t fight fair. And if I got a gun might as well use it

    99. David Pignone

      Wow, bowling people get mad mad. Diff breed

    100. Dalton Couey