Buying a $10 Million Yacht in Bitcoin!


4,4 mln. weergaven94 000

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    1. Ja Km

      ROAD TO 10 MIL !!!! Lets go boys!!!!

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      5. Ammar On oak

        @Ammar noice

    2. Zach Duncan

      Yeah right “she has a boyfriend”

    3. 1 2

      They claim to run the internet....but will never have the 60 million subs like mr. Beast.

    4. BigDOOMson

      BRO!!! 256k Denison made out nice with the subs! Cool shit!

    5. Mattias28

      The ordinary north conjecturally queue because child intringuingly grin between a nervous gymnast. wonderful, wholesale self

    6. Ricky Fell

      The dork said, “I’m vaccinated by the way”. No one cares dork.

    7. John McClane

      Lmao Bro, these poor brokers

    8. T G.

      Lifes gooood

    9. Said Nunez

      8:39 u got dude in his feelings lmfaoo

    10. Miguel Luitwieler

      well the channel is now on 250k so half way there.

    11. Jonathan Ibarra

      Carbon Footprint 👣 Lmao 🤣🤣That Will Never Get Old

    12. Charles Bryan

      @7:45 "No no please don't put the money on me sir, don't do that" hahahha

    13. losAngel Esc

      You guys are legends definitely see y'all getting some big screen action in the future

    14. Andrew R

      the handshake miss is hilarious,.!!

    15. Benny Rest

      The boys pushed them upto to 256k

    16. Jessiel Matos

      *sorry to rich to shake ur hand*

    17. tencents

      You should be calling everyone peasants, while your at the yacht club.

    18. tencents

      8:33 😭😭

    19. MedicalMansion

      You know you’re beyond wealthy when you name your child crazy shit....Elon Musk, this is my son XXavier11

    20. Jonathon Smith

      Lmfao half the commission lmfao you can't talk to him because he's deff 🤣🤣

    21. Jonathon Smith


    22. Anastasia bergeron

      I hate people that subliminally brag about how rich they are your money don't make you a good person 😒 your the reason for the economy down fall

    23. Kev Ogilvie

      Guys trying to make a living and sell stuff and yet get the piss taking out them and time wasted 🤔 😅

    24. Joey Bingham

      His name was claudio and i just kept calling him craig….. congrats you have now acheived the 3rd grade humor level. Maybe make more jokes about 69 and you know you could quite possibly be up to 6th by the end of 2021 Fuckin humorless assholes

    25. Judah Levin

      Well this didn’t age well…

    26. J.


    27. Yacht Works

      why was there a weird dub and glitch when it said, "do you guys take bitcoin?" ... im all for it, but, sketchy

    28. Yacht Works

      NELK is so cringe ... but I like yachts and bitcoin

    29. Dylan Binder


    30. sortega84

      “You listen to pit bull at your pregames” hahaha that really triggered that dude.

    31. Tf Jynkz

      It made the man cry when he said he was to rich to shake his hand that’s fucked up

    32. Brian Federico

      that suit looks better the darker a person is. No white boys be wearing that

    33. Uriel Garcia

      Dawg no way !😂

    34. Dawson Head

      There back to hiding ur videos

    35. All things SA

      lol been binge watching NELK and Steve will do it recently, shout out from South Africa!!! Wish there alcoholic bevs reached us this side aswellXD

    36. Talon Mcatee

      I lost everything i need a job willing to work for nothing my name is Talor form Taxes 🙏🏼

    37. Pogoth Mcrey

      went and looked at the yacht channel ,it's almost at 300k in only 6 months hahaha

    38. EllisWhite

      i felt so bad for that old guy


      Yacht people are stuck up don’t feel bad they got it coming

    40. 43 21

      "I wonder why" is the nicest way u can ask why like if someone's mom jus killed themselves I wonder why

    41. Ryan Lovitt

      Salim looks like an anorexic Usher eh 😂

    42. Audrey O'Gorman

      255k get em to a milli

    43. Audrey O'Gorman

      8:40 wounded n he tried spudding the second 🤝🤚 🤝👊🏻✋🏽

    44. Dyllan Harner

      Raffiki looks like the guy from get out

    45. Galapagos Smooth

      "okay" *dead stare*

    46. Itsfabi


    47. Spud Beard


    48. Conn Fred

      Bro that Asian girl was on point 😋

    49. Luis Solalinde


    50. shooth100

      I'm bitcoin rich....:) I can hurt your feelings. :(

    51. Miles Dudley

      The handshake 💀

    52. hillbilly hellride

      Thats so raven lol did not age well..

    53. Zach Lee

      Is anyone else just using the timed comment beta and liking the comments as they come along😂?

    54. Preston Tucker

      An excuse to be DipS hits

    55. Joe Milliner

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      1. Smith Veronica

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    56. Cross - Savage

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    58. Pinned by Sorelle Amore Finance

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    59. Cross - Savage

      @MartinLawrence That's interesting, anyway to connect with him? have to get started.

      1. Cross - Savage


      2. Lawrence

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      3. Lawrence

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    64. Great Jones

      *Investments are the stepping Stones to success, Investing is what creates wealth.*

    65. Jim Bengochea

      This is the opposite of stevewilldoit, straight up ruining peoples lives instead of helping lmao

    66. ahcherm gaming

      Bro can the ice cream truck prank again

    67. ZSTRODE.

      Man the handshake thing made me laugh so much 🤣🤣😅

    68. John Ricciardi

      Jesus everyone is a fucking saint in the comments lol. It's a PRANK video! I thought this was one of the funniest ones I've seen. The whole point is to get a reaction out of people... how do you expect them to do that by being nice and kissing ass to everyone, how would that be funny???

    69. StinkyColas


    70. RaytjeKn

      Funny that right now you actually paid 5 million dollars.

    71. Tony L

      great move. right before the dip!!

    72. ytmas0n_5708

      I'm vaccinated btw who gives af

      1. Scarface

        Fr 😂

    73. malenkas3

      😁 That man drew a line when Kyle insinuated that he listens to a Pitbullbat his pregames

    74. robertgam

      This yacht prank is probably one of the best videos you guys have ever done. Lucas fits in so well

    75. raymond c

      Boat rides you say snm


      Probably thought you were discriminating cause she’s Asian.

    77. 5tay Tuned

      7:43 💀 8:25 💀 11:26 💀 12:51 💀 14:06 💀 15:08 💀

    78. SimJay Vlogs

      that yacht guy is 100% jamaican lmao


      Denison at 260k lmao noice bOIZ

    80. Jojo Otero

      Why did he feel like he needed to tell u he’s vaccinated like a fucking robot

    81. Darren Blakley

      Get rid of gambles

    82. Jose’s BBQ

      LMAOOO “ he can’t hear you “

    83. T - Master!


    84. Bakarri Bykerk

      Surprisingly I was already subscribed toand yachting

    85. Oscar Alcorta

      " I sell to who I want" 😭 lmfao

    86. Jeffrey Rosario

      10:43 Lucas’s face got me dead💀💀💀

    87. Jesper Ness

      Where can i search for a suit like the one Salim is wearing

    88. Jesper Ness

      What’s the colour of Salim’s suit?

    89. Santi Wiles

      Feel bad for the guy 8:40

    90. My Toe

      god damn this may be one of the best kyle performances

    91. chemdawg

      you guys probably listen to pitbull at all your pregames 😂😂

    92. Jonathan Villasana


    93. Juju

      This shit is too funny

    94. Gurlal Dhillon


    95. Sarrox

      Bruh 8.39 was so bad

    96. Lin Aung

      Trash content

    97. benraimondo

      The noxious mayonnaise latterly tour because paperback presently surround against a deafening pelican. nonstop, meaty trail

    98. Jimmy The Tutor

      god those hand shakes had me dying

    99. Niko Damask

      Craig deserved better.

    100. Flight In June

      Incredible!! I got the same yacht parked up on the beach infront of my 30,000,000 million dollar mansion in Miami Beach!! Love it!! Nice!!