Coke Prank on Colombian Cops!


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    1. Cameron Spence

      I am 90% that was real coke at 7:46

      1. CookDaBooks

        You know was.

      2. albert guzman

        thats that pupe cocanie made in the mountins an shit

      3. Quintin Mcadams

        No doubt at all lol

      4. manakki molineux

        no shit

      5. Pedro Tavares

        what a noob, it would be funny if they were dea agents, eheheheh

    2. Forrest Kuester

      All Columbian woman are hot as hell

    3. Cassius Clay

      Pablo’s pic in front of the White House while being the most wanted criminal in the world is just cold.

    4. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    5. Jordan Morales

      Do you guys realize that a Colombian police officer was just arrested for telling a guy to hide a body because he didn’t want to do a homicide report? That’s what you’re messing with.

    6. Edgar Sanchez

      He looks like a mexican bruh🤣🤣

    7. bubu dudu

      592000 nr like gift me something

    8. The Lake View Republic

      Should have said “Silver or lead”

    9. Jack Gills

      This is not funny but I can relate lol

    10. Killer 1997

      The music in the beginning hahaah

    11. Carlos estrada

      Do this prank in sinaloa or michoacan or south Mexico and they'll fucken murder murder the shit out of you

    12. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Cops Fetanal from china go tochina and veitnaum areast

    13. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Cop mdma from china go find aresst3

    14. Andrew Humphreys II 777


    15. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      American cookies

    16. I Can Fix That

      Salim and Kyle are always so calm tho 😂

    17. Lebro


    18. anonymous #2

      The moment you realized, they drove you away, you were about to die.

    19. Glen Money

      U guys are crazy as fk bro lol, talking shit in columbia to ex cartel members like fkkkkkkkk. Be careful guys

    20. Chinito 😤

      2:24 why her ass look like that 😭

    21. SM Zakaria


    22. Sean Douglas

      Hahah they got y’all back lmfao

    23. Scott Forbes

      Like most of your stuff but it is only a matter of time before one of you gets killed.

    24. aurel wink

      Ima gonna ask, wtf does nelk stand for lmao

    25. Josh Larrabee


    26. Kyle Love


    27. Butteater3000

      Come do this in the Philippines bro😂

    28. Jolly Green

      You guys are such dip shits 🤣👍 but its good.

    29. marinus adrianus

      Plot twist don’t tell a Colombian cop ur black 😂

    30. CookDaBooks

      Top 3

    31. Omar Gonzalez

      lady got that dump truck

    32. Timo hengeveld


    33. Jordon O'Neill-Charueski

      9:21 can somone please tell me the song??

    34. D chava

      Jjajajaj estos parceros isque en medallo, mero balde

    35. Ike Terrible

      Those 2 trying to Colombians trying sell coke are probably in jail today never knowing their popularity

    36. David Burgess

      Why the fuck would you go do a coke prank with weed on you

    37. Deanjzo


    38. Talon Mcatee

      I lost everything i need a job willing to work for nothing my name is Talor form Taxes 🙏🏼

    39. I Speak 4 the Dead

      Now that’s a dump

    40. I Speak 4 the Dead

      Yo can they really just open your doors like that there? That’s fucked up

      1. Davenㅋ

        si, en Colombia pueden, son distintos algunos procedimientos acá

    41. Adrian Marin

      Every prank salim is special he gets taken. He has contacts with big foot and he got.taken by a amazon jungle tribe and now he got taken by the ops

    42. NooborBro

      they re pranked you

    43. King Of Laesoe

      risky trying to sell coke on the street. someone else is also selling as we saw luckly he wasnt a psychopath that would murder you all

    44. Haniel Alvarez

      nahh y’all misunderstood the situation The cops didn’t prank salim back cuz they were funny, they actually wanted to take money from him and he got none, so they decided to let him go, they didn’t took them cuz he was black cuz in latinoamerica doesn’t matter the color they took him cuz he was american (which means a money for them) 🤣🤣 thank god Nelk boys didn’t experience corruption

    45. minexer

      if you prank me ill prank you

    46. Mark Waldbillig

      I got to hang out with you guys one day and I bet none of u can out drink me that's a challenge 😜

    47. Mark Waldbillig

      That's one of the crazy EST shit I have ever seen but the funniest at the same time FUCK

    48. BMWOUD


    49. BeanSlime Milne

      hey dad

    50. AxUnderground official


    51. Christina jones

      You pranked the police, so they pranked you.. lol. Although, seriously, actually not funny. Well, sorta...

    52. rufaid banday

      salim is the guy 💪🏾💪🏾

    53. i like turtles the manz

      Dude i feel like these guys should have more than just 6.65 million subscribers since they do these ceazy and fumny things

    54. Isaiah mamian

      Best part of the tour was that “donk”

    55. JDEZZI

      Tha girl in tha beginning THICC

    56. Myst

      You should collab wit IndianSunHatkid on instagram NO JOKE 😂🔥🤘

    57. Treven Butler

      bro steve is fucking classsiccccc hes fucking classic , " they took the brotha and said he had a knife and weed" LMFAOO

    58. satou

      the police trolled them back by taking salim

    59. Sup Boi

      There's a difference between drug dealer and narco narco is the boss and doesn't give a shit about the cops he pays them off, drug dealers are the lowest of the low

    60. Sup Boi

      Bruh they had the narcos theme song at the begging 😃

    61. savage god

      whats tha background snog called form like 5:00 to 5:30

    62. Phill A Blunt

      Didn’t take take long for people to snitch

    63. Candles オーディオ

      yall remind me of the druggo kids in my class but they actually smoke weed.

    64. Jack

      POOOG POG!!.....wait..this is not a livestream

    65. Michael Levy

      I don't mind your gags... but talking to the woman that way in the beginning was phucking rude.

    66. James Young

      You pranked them and they pranked you back. Lmao. Cool cops!

    67. Colt Brown

      That chick seemed sooo nice....😅

    68. Mo—Sizzlack

      Yo they were about to take salim an human traffick his ass or something.. we should have found out more about why they did that to him, lol Or could be good just to leave it alone right then an there..

    69. Cinders

      The cops pranked you back

    70. BreadyToast

      If you keep swearing they won’t like ur vids

    71. lil_buzza

      Lmao love the Narcos theme song at the beginning

    72. nowii1982


    73. DuPpYmAnS


    74. zenwizard42

      I love watching these kinds of pranks but, honestly, that was just stupid.. All of it...

    75. Bradlee Caldwell

      Trying to sell that shit there is the most dangerous.

    76. Joe Joe TV Yo

      These guys are disrespectful 🤡.

    77. Milk chemistry

      jeez wrong country my dood

    78. Wyatt Whelan

      You have for real earned ten mill, such great content 💯 🔥

    79. Phil Foe

      I love you boys but I don’t understand the American disrespect against their family. They let you into their house and were so cool

    80. Jonathan Mendoza

      Do t fuck with the Colombia police

    81. Overhaul

      bro is lucky the police came first they would've gotten killed if someone found out they were selling "coke"

    82. M

      salim is brown not black

    83. MJ B

      Come to East Tn and see what happens Pendajos

    84. MJ B

      No respect you bunch of goons

    85. Joe


    86. Eddy Saucedo

      “Where are you from ?” The hood 😂😂

    87. ZA_works

      Why would you follow them to the car unless you actors ?

    88. Adam Voecks

      Keep them bangers cumin boys! Fuck yeah.. full send from Milwaukee Wisconsin!

    89. Carlos Rincon

      This guys are so stupid.

    90. STAMPS SS

      Nelk boys 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    91. le diegonnance

      i do not even know why you guys are still alive.

    92. Mark

      “This is literally the scenario where they took the black dude” It’s also the scenario where Salim was the only one provoking the officer 😅 was it fair? No, but no one else was pushing it

    93. Mark

      If these guys keep clowning they’re gonna have a target on their back 😅

    94. Jimmy The Tutor

      Dude you gotta understand they couldn't look like fools after they roll up deep like that. Cops got egos bigger than the Pope. Of course they got to make a show of something and you had a dude named Salim.

    95. Guapo 12gage


    96. Junior Avila

      😂 Im still laughing at this video, That's A WILD prank 2 be doing over there BUT Who gives a Fuck. GOOD SHIT BOYS! 😂😂😂

    97. Andrey Rannev

      They took him just not to look stupid in front of people around

    98. Benji Price

      Lol you are not in the US they can literally arrest you for no reason. Lucky they didn't fuck Salim up.

    99. Hoosier Outdoors

      This is the fuckin life boys. I wish I could fuckin be apart of this. Till then, doin some shottys and gettin the K on some birdies

    100. Sandileby JORDAN

      you bois had to get the NARCOS song