FULLSEND in the Middle East!


9 mln. weergaven6 000


    1. NELK

      Tell the editors to stop drinking and get the videos up on fkn time boys

      1. the truth

        Looking for work get that shit up b4 kyle hires me they be up instant with bit training lol

      2. 1kPlum5677

        Yall should post vlogs on a second channel without to much editing in between

      3. Paburrito123


      4. FaZe LaGzFASONIE

        Tell me why salim was a natural at riding that camel

      5. Bill Nye

        Buy a dog and make them stop

    2. Ruger Boyks

      Camels really are sexy

    3. Josh Larrabee

    4. Parker Schenken

      How the hell do u drink that much and not die? Holy balls I bet he didnt even wake up with that cash Dana straight up gifted him lmfao

    5. David Braden

      The pilot wasnt even wearing the mask properly. Hahaha.

    6. ZIPPO_MuK

      16:20 *These b.itches aint shit.*

    7. ZIPPO_MuK

      *I guarantee if you had a Biden shirt the pilot probably wouldve sucked you off.* I hate those muppets. How the F..k are you meant to drink water...

    8. Justin Rexha

      What happend to salim eye

    9. Papa Grande

      I Died during Khabib interview!!! number One NO Bullshit!!!

    10. jade miller

      Put me on the nelk team I hate my life on a downhill slide

    11. James Conley

      I got kicked out of that bar when i went... I also saw a dude banging a hooker on a bathroom sink

    12. Makin' Moves 215

      it says fuLLLsend to many Ls

    13. BagOLimes

      Every once in and while I gotta rewatch this amazing video!

    14. Craig Tansley

      Kyle is a genius for this covid prank idea idgaf I know hes the mastermind behind this. I fuck with it heavy! Great minds think alike

    15. Leighton Kane

      I love it when Steve is chugging the whiskey and the Nelk Boyz have a look on their faces like they can't believe what they are seeing lol! Even after seeing him do it so many times. Lol

    16. Leighton Kane

      18:15 LMFAO Saleem like "ya its hot for no reason" lol

    17. Leighton Kane

      12:22 You can see how happy Dana gets when they call him Uncle Dana LOL. He gets a big ole cheeser on his face . They are the nephew's he's always wanted hahaha!

    18. ThatOneVRGuy

      No way thats wisky or he pukes it up right after

    19. Brody Armstrong

      18:15 the reason could be your standing in a fuckin dessert mr camera man

    20. Josh Cash

      Song for the intro

    21. Rebel Rob

      Love and respect for my homeboy Tai Tuivasa. Us Aussies have your back. Repping Mounty County, our home town Mt Druitt NSW 2770

    22. Bdog_98 OTF

      Kyles a douche

    23. Canadian Bacon

      Add Chaffee full time on the full send

    24. Rebel Rob

      Aussie accent from Tai Tuivasa is a proud dad moment. He sounds exactly like me, such a Aussie bogan

    25. AutoFOCUSED

      Khabib did not seem entertained. lmao

    26. AutoFOCUSED

      Yo. I just started watching Stevewilldoit's videos two days ago and I'm literally obsessed with these now. WTF?

    27. qulvic

      when you guys comin to qatar!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. george davies

      Dana white seems cool .

    29. Benmadden

      Dude Id literally do anything to live this life hahaa

      1. Benmadden

        No shit haha Ill just keep working 6 days a week just to live but this would be a dream come true

      2. Hitolf Adler

        Easier said than done

    30. alexis hernandez

      what happened to salim he got abused smh na but like frfr

    31. alexis hernandez

      dude that chick that was with dana thats the chicj that tried to fuck steve lol thats why they blurred her face lmao

    32. YouTube's #1 Commenter

      Salim" I read the Koran at age 13 so I like know it all " 3 mins later he fucks up a big thing N it's an easy thing to remember

    33. twlomax

      Congratulations on 100 happy dads

    34. twlomax

      Congratulations on happy dads !! 100

    35. P Lampard

      Lol ain't no joking around with khabib 不

    36. Elix Art god9

      Cigarettes are horrible

    37. Andrew Todd

      Khabib said you can't fight so get a dog to help

    38. samuel!

      Hey camel camel camel

    39. Kanyins Tv

      Quick reminder to everyone that, The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. - Psalm 34:18 Even at your lowest God is still there for you. Youre loved and Jesus is coming back soon

    40. J M

      khabib is intimidating without even trying to be intimidating

    41. Jules D

      What the frikin hell, I did not know these guys are from Mississauga. What the hell!! I was born and raised in Oakville, right beside sauga. Damn man, what the hell. That's cool. MY GTA BROTHERS

    42. Jules D

      Dana is allmost too chill with these guys. They are like what 21 years old? Lol

    43. ebayer 4Life

      These guys think they are Hilarious. They are a joke

    44. MedicalMansion

      Steve trying to give the Camel a cigarette had me dying 不

    45. Steve Set

      Filming made me dizzy

    46. 68 Fuller

      Kyle and Steve are fuckin hilarious

    47. hUnky N

      Magic Mike Video Got 500k Likes

    48. Osama Bin laden

      I fucking live for this channel so much bro 不 I been here since 12.5K

    49. Jasmine Victoria.

      Dubai is full of the British people lol

    50. Alfredo Espinoza

      Saleem ruined it

    51. christine coughdrop

      Ohhh that poor bird. Seriously pretty fucked up that he can't do the most natural thing that he knows to do and for what, people to be able to hold them on their arm? for money ?

    52. christine coughdrop

      The camel riding guide just say yeah because he doesn't have a clue what steve is saying to him lmaooo

    53. christine coughdrop

      Steves shirt that says women for trump. I love that.

      1. Mario

        Cheers wouldnt have noticed otherwise

    54. Patrick Dale

      How the fuck is Steve chillin after drinking that?!?!?! 唐

    55. Quinn

      Nelk is getting gay

    56. YLfrettub YT

      15:58 damn them belly rolls

    57. tencents

      Kyle is so fkn funny. Best one liners, ever.

    58. Greyy CLA

      How much 儭 does Steve need after he slams a bottle holy fuck 喫

      1. Mr Shadow

        @Greyy CLA For sure, I remember he was talking about taking bumps openly in one of his videos. That mans a coke addict haha

      2. Greyy CLA

        @Mr Shadow dude Im saying and you heard Dana white after saying how they went all night taking shots. You know he was LIT

      3. Mr Shadow

        couple gs for sure, he wouldve been in the fetal position 30mins after drinking that bottle without 儭.

    59. Charlie V

      Yooo Khabib is hilarious

    60. cringe world

      The eagle

    61. trev d

      howe are they gonna kick u off a plane?

    62. AlwaysBlessedNeverStressed!

      NELK can start their own Island and have the whole club move there

    63. Uh swirv

      The airplane scene is why prolly why they only travel in private planes now lol

    64. Jeffrey Muffins


    65. Jean Ortiz

      Yo, what happened to Salims eye? 不

    66. Jaden Marchelle

      10:52 i love how Salim just stares at him

    67. Austin M

      Ive never wanted to meet someone as bad as Dana

    68. Redneckonomics

      Brooo send me some hawler head!! Can't find it here in cape breton nova scotia

    69. C L O

      Never thought id see joe rogan on a nelk video thumbnail wearing a full send shirt ...

      1. slimetube *

        thats dana bud

    70. Shuvfk dijvkf

      Actually funny but that shit with the plane was not cool dont act like kids

    71. Colton Ousley

      dam wish it was that good

    72. Milo

      Khabib is the man!

    73. sirius tamati

      12345678910123 ffs haha

    74. Paul de Bellefroid

      poor employes who have to tolerate these goofss

    75. Wesley Methum

      Honestly, I had to stop watching once the pilot on the plane started getting on Steves case about his mask Pissed me off so much

    76. Wesley Methum

      Watching these videos from like a year ago keeps reminding me how much COVID blows

    77. Pat Rowan

      Has no body peeped that yet?!!?! His shit fuuucked up in the end

    78. Pat Rowan

      What happened to salon eye?!!?

    79. George Michaels


    80. Blues Bluegrass and Gospel

      Canadian kids still respect athourity

    81. Mark Shaw JR

      They are just like me and my mates talking to people with broken english loo

    82. Franky B

      Kyle looks so nervous around kahbib

    83. Jonathan Stevenson

      F@ck thats g you boys are lit my gs f@cking deadly that must a been fun as f@ck!!

    84. Cheyne Perry

      I love the khabib part

    85. Jonathan Venegas

      This is why the bois get pjs now

    86. bo matt

      Im for real sad about that falcon. Not being able to fly.that sucks man.

    87. Kris Stromberg

      You should do a prank in North Korea- you'll finally get what you deserve!

    88. MayBach

      He gave you an answer close to your mind set

    89. Darrien Feliciano

      What the hell happened to Salims eye????

    90. Anthony Stark

      The lonely domain cytologically curve because learning trivially reply near a handy sidecar. happy, boorish sheep

    91. Pabz Dudus

      Steve always giving money to ppl who deserve it u are the man brotha

    92. Pabz Dudus

      I would say u guys are lucky fuckers for getting go to fight island to watch khabib vs gathje but u guys have put in ur work and deserve to be there

    93. Dustin Massie

      I love how i can watch your videos over again歹歹

    94. I J

      this was the sickest video i ever seen

    95. RahimKnicks

      You can drink in abu dhabi especially foreigners and most women shake hands its just the super strict type.

    96. Euro Shane

      Bruh watchin steve drink that entire bottle literally made my stomach hurt

    97. Jared Stark

      That was sick AF!!!!

    98. Jonathan Mendoza

      Dis fucking trumpis ..

    99. lalalallalal

      They could come to a village in Sweden and they would have fans there

    100. Tee Houston

      Mcgregor is the king of UFC the one and only champ of every weight class hahaha