Hockey Players BEEFING California Security Guards!


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    1. Anthony L

      Love how Nelk still represents Canada even living down in the States. Keep up.the good work boys!

      1. Toxiiciity

        @Team 9 Nick it’s smarter to sell in the states

      2. K K

        @Espino760 ahh i shouldve listened to the audio more clearly... makes sense... but why even include it in the video eh?

      3. Espino760

        @K K they probably felt bad for the guy doing the card tricks Kyle pretty much exposed his trick

      4. Riff Bear

        @PRIVATE NO LIMIT LOL with Biden as pres? You sure? Send snowflakes home by being a man yourself and not asking the government to get rid of people you don't like, which is kind of fucking snowflake.

      5. K K

        What is this censor??? At 11:58??

    2. Carrol Stevens

      Morgan Freeman

    3. Joe Craven

      “7 beauties and 4 nail guns” 😂😂😂😂

    4. Nicholas Burzo

      why did that guy have a wig and 2 teeshirts on lmao

    5. Nick D

      Get gambles out of nelk

    6. Aaron Guerra

      Anyone from LA would give or say anything lmao

    7. MissNegativeZero

      Omg my best friend is in this video 😂

    8. Ahmed H.

      bro just tell me if its better than white claw

    9. Ant Rodriguez

      Ayye try to be on abc wine

    10. bendy st41

      12:21 why is it blurred?

    11. Oscar Chavez


    12. Brendan Gilyan

      nelk.darts. Where are they

    13. Eric Distefano

      The dude sittin window on the P.J. ..... Looks like he’s chewn’ air. Lol

    14. Nick Lewis


    15. Nick Lewis


    16. frankie cruz


    17. Donnie Liltent

      13:30 he literally dangled a whole car

    18. Logan Rozakis

      She said 8675309 if u don’t know where that from 😭😭😭😭😭

    19. jeep1070

      keep your stick on the ice

    20. MotherJesse

      Legit impressed w Kyle’s hockey skills

    21. Braden Blaylock

      I spent more on gas to get to Texas than I spent on 2 12 packs of Happy Dad😂

    22. Jorma

      They had literally no idea what Happy Dad was gonna be ☠️ They huge and I hope they grow! 👌🏾 🖕🏽

    23. drastik

      905 said he is the one that came up with happy dad and you guys robbing him. I won't tell anyone else.

      1. D block

        Highly doubt that considering he's a creepy man child who seems to be thr most boring pleb I've ever met

    24. Lars Bee

      holy shit ... that was not funny ... but I absolutely love it how they rile up or hype up their fans to make them multi millionaires ... and for that awesome marketing sceme these guys fucking rock ...

    25. Don the NEWF Taylor

      Don the Newf can’t wait to try Happy Dad

    26. Patrick340

      When he peeled out on the 4 wheeld bike 🤣😂😂

    27. Hello Bye

      When is Happy Dad coming to Canada?

    28. Hello Bye

      “Have you ever been with a hockey player?” “Oh, well all of my sons…” 😂😂💀

    29. Blackbird InTheSky

      jay needs to go, lucas , pat ,steve, salim, kyle and jesse would be the best combo

    30. Brad Lecerf

      Send happy dad to Canada!

    31. All things SA

      Can anyone maybe answer this question? Is it doable for happy dad to be shipped to South AFrica in the Western Cape parts

    32. Anthony Saucedo

      Sell in Chicago

    33. Dylan Spence

      Bring happy dad to Australia 🇦🇺 💪🏻

    34. Ryan Stolz

      Go Nucks get er in BC brosky

    35. tvparty

      lucas is unfunny

    36. Sydney Poropat


    37. JHarden13

      The fact kyle has the humor of steve and the str8 face of 9.0 makes him unstoppable in prank situations he just doesn't break character even since the wine tour vids

    38. JohnvsJeff

      Hands like Aki Berg

    39. Arturo P

      Joe biden is your president

    40. John Doe

      The alike unit cytologically stretch because jeep spectacularly load modulo a blue-eyed passbook. mountainous, peaceful description

    41. Tyler Osburn

      What about south Louisiana? I gotcha on stores

    42. Juicedoutthewazoo

      bro i got some happy dad the day it came out and it was complete dogshit LMFAO what a flop guys dont waste ur money omegalul

    43. duck

      THE OVI TAPE JOB!!!!!!!!!!

    44. ayvathedruid lol

      i never wanted this episode to finish :(

    45. yoRaw

      “I’m a milf is that what I’m called”😭😭😭 8:47

    46. HookedUp Outdoors

      buying happy dad on the aniversary of 1 month of early release for the product. SAME DAY AS MY DUI TRIAL> lets go boys

    47. Selena Guzman

      -“have you been with any hockey players?” -“well all of my sons”

    48. Tom B

      Need some Happy Dad in Chicago boys.

    49. Nologee Tv

      That fullsend canucks jersey is fire

    50. Ryan Stolz


    51. Izzat Ghuneim

      Happy Dads go hard! Keep it up, boys!

    52. Dustin

      Filthy with that green biscut

    53. Ryan Stolz


    54. mounir benbouchta

      where would nelk be with out kyle

    55. Metsfan4life Bring ON the RINGS

      Living the dream. Its been 20 years for me. Epic

    56. Phatsat Future

      what a great 22min commercial

    57. Young Brad

      I miss mtv Jesse so bad. He’s doin funny shit w full send but I wish he could still do funny shit on nelk

    58. Young Brad

      I miss mtv Jesse so bad. He’s doin funny shit w full send but I wish he could still do funny shit on nelk

    59. Faruk Miah

      London 🇬🇧

    60. Mo—Sizzlack

      Happy dad in Alberta yet ?

    61. Izaiah Ambridge

      Mann what a catfish you give her Jimmy’s Insta she definitely didn’t send a message 😂😂

    62. mcaddicts

      Is Happy Dad available in Canada?

    63. Sebastian savage

      Nice Nelk y’all deserve this 🔥🎉

    64. L33GAMING

      Steve was drunk in this intro

    65. Patrick Fairman


    66. Jace Faneto

      Can we get a danny duncan and nelk collab ? PLEASE

    67. Miles Dudley

      Happy dad will be everywhere before we know it

    68. Spencer Matthews

      They give the Nucks a bad name wearing those jerseys!!!

    69. My Life. ?

      Imagine ordering everything on the menu and dipping

    70. Robo Lockhart


    71. Kevin Willows

      happy dad is lame

    72. Liam Reilly

      Where’s gambles been at???

    73. Cajete Obineche

      The boys start killing it

    74. ZyClan

      Do more hockey videos I love it

    75. Niko Rokas

      Bro that trippie redd song over that party y’all went to hit different 😳😳😳😳

    76. Christopher Steer

      Bring it to the land down under

    77. Angelo Orciuoli

      kyle really went from sleeping in his car and fans house to private jets. fucking crazy

    78. Mergim Azemi

      The vivacious soap weekly sparkle because punch superficially squash alongside a festive stem. sudden, laughable cushion

    79. Jesse Hutt

      Lmao that lady on the bike seems like she knows how to fuckin full send ha

    80. Luis Gonzalez

      Make a speedy gonzales saleem shirt

    81. Mixteco Mix

      What happened to mtvjessie

    82. B A

      happy dad is being sold 2 miles away from me but u couldnt pay me to go buy some of this bs. nelk boys should just stay in canada. :v:

    83. J Schilly

      Will it be coming to the U.K ?

    84. Thomas McEvoy

      NELK Boys in HB!!!!

    85. XxMrSombodyxX

      Yo when is happy dad coming to Illinois 😡😤

    86. Meredith Armstrong


    87. Jesse Hernandez

      Send some to corpus Christi Texas!!

    88. Pablo Chacon

      Do happy dad worldwide

    89. Pedro McIntyre

      Happy Dad? ...never seen it here on the UK 🇬🇧 yet 😆

    90. Ryan Castillo

      I have to be honest Happy Dad was a little bit of a let down for me. Pineapple and wild Cherry were alrightishh.. I was expecting wayyyy better than this. Specially from my boys They are like professional senders and Idk... Happy Dad is like the NattyDaddy of seltzs if you ask me..

      1. Ryan Castillo

        @B A have you tried it too? Man I was all hyped up and Happy Dad made me look bad in front of my friends.

      2. B A

        finally. a real person.

    91. zerovalue

      Im just putting this out there; the sad thing about todays society is you could genuinely accept the fact that some weirdo came up to you in full hockey gear in 100 degree heat and just be like "sure thing bud ill take a video of you" then it turns out they were playing you for a fool just for a youtube video. kinda fucked up when homie could have been like "get away from me you fuckin weirdo" of course youre the bad guy then but fuck man i just keep thinking how the internet has fucked human social interaction.

      1. CalviN -

        I know what you mean. It's true.

    92. Ezzy 3

      Since when was Lucas back

    93. Leo Romero

      Happy dad is gonna take over

    94. 160 FOOT Yacht FOR SALE

      14:21 how many beauties can fit in one spot

    95. River Freeland

      Lmao it's funny af cause yall think just the fans are coming for it but when it's been stores needing it bad cause they know ur following has a million people so more money for them glad lol

    96. victor-manuel valencia

      Why is it blurred out mid way 😭

    97. Luvcoffee

      God bless you guys!

    98. Robert Immendorfer

      Yeah boysssssssssssss!

    99. Yo Yert

      "the first time I darted a girl was like, grade 6." im so dead. 9:07

      1. Courtney Visser

        You must be grade 6 lol

    100. Paul Valdez

      It's just a fuckin vibe to be drinking happy dad n watching it full fuckin send boiis y'all did it best seltzer 🍻🔥🔥