NELK gets attacked in the Amazon Jungle!


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    1. Thomas Meighen

      NLname stop tryna hide this masterpiece 😑🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. cisco kicks

        @prettyboynavv just got got home home lol 😝 I’m just just got got a new new new job add to my my phone number lol I’m judge of the phone is working lol I’m just me new job now now to and I need you and you need to you go get it it done done before I get get s and then I a car car and I I’m just going home home 🏡 now Lot I don’t think I 💭 get do it it just in the past I just just don’t have to to

      2. Dakota Moon

        @prettyboynavv 😴 ÿyy fyyfyfyfyy

      3. Dakota Moon

        @prettyboynavv tytttft dared you dfy ycome y

      4. Dakota Moon

        @jyr t fÿ f

      5. Dakota Moon

        @prettyboynavv you fytry

    2. MnEr0nE mmn

      Steve was shitting his pants.

    3. Such Cloutness

      first time i heard steve say he wont do it

    4. Adrian Anderson

      Again. Jimmy cringe

    5. PANDA

      They run thru the jngl without shoes omg lego brick or worse?

    6. Mark Schneider

      Friggin Epic video Bruh !

    7. miked4523


    8. Killed Phoenix

      Ohh fuck no thats dead ass paedophilia they was recording taking pics and laughing i dont fuck wit that

    9. Daniel Robson

      That was pretty cruel man!!

    10. Abed khan


    11. Woke Nation

      They took 50 cent to the Amazon 🤣🤣🤣

    12. brandon holt

      They look like cave men from ice age on the west side of the world, wonder if they bone clubbed or just built igloos

    13. yes yes

      steve could've easily beaten them up

    14. Aidan M

      "I knew ten minutes ago" *Ten minutes ago* "I'm gonna die bro, like I'm gonna die. I'm gonna have a heart attack"

    15. VT.93

      "They know the jungle better than us" 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    16. Zack Hernandez

      NGL I skipped 10 seconds into the intro and went from music video to National fucking geographic. I rewinded to figure this shit the fuck out.

    17. cody wells

      Anxiety attacks are no joke and I can tell Steve was having one bad and knowing that there’s not a hospital near by probably made it worse I feel for him

      1. Kb Grows

        Exactly what I was thinking

    18. MedicalMansion

      What would have happened tho if Steve tried to swing on one of them ? Instant BOW death ?

    19. Ian Hobbs

      @stevewontdoit 🤣🤣🤣

    20. MedicalMansion

      DJ Gambles needs to GO. He tries too hard.

    21. MedicalMansion

      You know you’re fucked… when your tour guide carrying a 32 inch machete, with war paint tats and a fucking shark tooth necklace around him. 🥶💀💀

    22. MedicalMansion

      Donald Trump in his 30’s would have been a NELK Sender Let’s get em boys.

    23. rory hayes


    24. Xinnie the Pooh

      “Sit down drink some cool aide, eat fried chicken and collect stimulus checks” 💀💀

    25. spoky spider

      anyone else see the power lines around 18:20 lol

    26. Theo Stanich

      i went to this village when i went to amazon, it was sick

    27. Mike Perez

      This channel is fucking dope. Just recently started watching 🔥

    28. Howard Sharpe

      After laughing in death's face multiple times, it was confusing to see steve be like that

    29. Juice

      Wtf tyrese doin on the boat🤣

    30. Tommy

      Nip slip at 8:16

    31. Gaurav Rawat


    32. Jayson May

      Let's smoke a bowl...

    33. Atticus Vines

      The boy alexsucksss

    34. Alex BeCrazy

      No circle jerk? Ohhhh Lmao 😂

    35. Thomas Dunham


    36. Rudeboy Tv

      Let’s just go to the zoo man- rafiki.

    37. Jake Windham

      “Collect stimulus checks” I love Steve bro

    38. Biggieboss power

      Did that Black Dude not get kicked off ??

    39. kevin johnson

      bruh when he said i like a c cup" i was on the ground laughing

    40. J Murphy Park

      Fertile Lands snake? Oh, Fer-de-lance, one of the most poisonous snake on the planet.

    41. B Baby

      8:13 😂

    42. potato pan

      8:17 nice blur

    43. christine coughdrop

      I love how these guys made there way up with great content and smart business moves because I realized in this video that none of them have super good bodies and what makes any of them truly attractive is how they carry them selves/ their humor! I just noticed that and thought it was pretty cool because alot of content creators and tik tokers grab peoples attention with their damn near flawless looks and bodies...

    44. OhShit HOE

      “Is anyone firing here tonight or no? “🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Justin Brewer

      I have never in my life watched or witnessed a group of men/so called “senders” be so scared and upset in my life hahahahaha. Y’all funny.

      1. Cain Magnetic

        Cus most ppl that live in the 1st world ain't REALLY built for a 3rd world life. Maybe some but most would die quick

      2. Terran Loudenback

        like you wouldnt be fucking terrified if you were in an unknown area, with people you cant communicate to chasing you down with fucking bows LOL

    46. James Patino

      Steve abt to cry and saying imma have a heart attack then after bein like "I knew that 10min agooooo"mad funny

    47. Maverick Baker

      I’m fucking dying 😂🤣

    48. The Cross

      amazing amazon and bager was just the end thank you guys ohh yeah the art auction was cool too

    49. Bryan Alvarez

      We need a movie

    50. Anthony Halcon

      Anyone else hate Saleem

    51. Matthew Barlow

      This is the funniest shit ever😂🔥💯

    52. G A

      Lmfaoooooo when Steve started backing up when they said they gotta take someone I was dyinn

    53. TTG_ Aiden

      we all love you steve :)

    54. Elegy Beast

      Jesus is the truth.

    55. ItzGhenes1s

      man i remember watching this the first time and i felt so bad for steve

    56. connor stocks


    57. Joseph Wilson

      They're so damn disrespectful 🤣 jesus

    58. Nicholas Zorc

      Pov Steve turns into a child

    59. Julian Hernandez

      Recent sub here. Fuckin awesome content guys, cant wait to see more.

    60. Cad Burberry

      Bro Steve lowkey looked like he was gonna have a full anxiety attack like no other. Feels bad

    61. ツGhostツ

      wtf hahaha

    62. Junior Valencia

      Y’all n**gas got WiFi bahaha 😂 All you gonna need for a trip like this is Howler Head and darts 🤣

    63. Fati ma Sindi

      i love these guys..

    64. Bill Swift

      Nobody notice it said national sendographic

    65. Lars Bee

      what a woos .... i know that 10 min ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    66. Air Supremo


    67. Talon Mcatee

      I lost everything i need a job willing to work for nothing my name is Talor form Taxes 🙏🏼

    68. SCT_GHOST

      7:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. Butteater3000

      Bro they got pictures with woman with their tops off, and some of them were children💀💀

    70. Rabid Koala

      Anyone else see green inferno

    71. Jen Brackin

      Lmao poor Steve

    72. JHarden13

      Iam unsubscribing cuz u did steve like that, thats a fuck boy move kyle it shoulda been gambles or salim not a gem like steve he literally carrys nelk and this how hes treated i would laugh if it was anybody else but steve nah thats fucked hes too nice a guy especially for such a hetic prank like this

      1. ReXurEe

        Nobody gives a sh1t if u unsubbing 🤦‍♂️

    73. JHarden13

      Nah bruh iam fr angry they did it to steve they should have done it to gambles or salim dont gotta fuck with my boy steve hes literally the only reason they blew up past 2m and continued growing at a rapid rate

    74. Tater Tots

      This is my favorite NLname video

    75. Out Of The Blue

      Where did Jesse go??

    76. Bradley Martyn

      Nice tv show..

    77. manbeerpigs16

      they fuckin carry the skinny dude off lmfao

    78. Slay Thompson

      NELK bumping $NOT lets GO

    79. color light

      Yall are disrespectful now

      1. ReXurEe

        Yeah. It’s funny but I feel so bad lol.

    80. hooking with roman

      301. Stevewilldoit:🤤

    81. Antonio Logman

      Don’t litter in Amazon, not Amazon not anywhere

    82. Antonio Logman

      Come on man don’t litter

    83. Chris J

      Poor Steve 😂

    84. John Galloway

      😂🙏🏽 Thanks for another laugh boys. Another day made💯 Having a bad day? Subscribe to this channel. You wont be disapointed you did💯🤙🏽

    85. David Marvy

      I've watched this probably 10 times in the past few months and I can't stop laughing every time. Steve is soo scared, u can see the fear in his face. He really thought he would have a panic attack and die if he had to stay with the natives.

    86. MrAdrenaline00

      Guaranteed so many of these peoples followers are angry Blue pink and purple haired liberals yet somehow you don’t find anything wrong with this?

    87. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Cocaine made in 220 125 90 25 micro bags

    88. Ryan Giaimo

      Steve was gonna cry dude hes probaly lowkey mad asf ive never seen dude break charcter once but on this dude was shook man this was best video ever on nelk lmfao

      1. Wyatt Earp

        Anybody that aint from South America or Africa would be shitting themselves too😂😂 I mean who hasn't seen a documentary or 2 about tribes that eat people and/or kidnap and torture outsiders😂😂

    89. John Wick

      Legends 😆

    90. NewG3nGaming

      LOL crying :D

    91. LegiitSky90

      Nelk boys= 🐐

    92. LegiitSky90

      Love u god

    93. LegiitSky90

      Fuckin amazing 🤣🤣🤣

    94. mcaddicts

      American 90 is lame.

    95. Douglas Kelly

      Steve won't do it 4 once lmfao

    96. Aaron Ralston

      Can someone donate to me on stake @NOHALFSENDS I just lost everything and im 2% to a level.

    97. Jose Murillo

      Uncensored version??????

    98. Jakob Ambler

      bro i feel bad for steve i anted to give him a hug when he siad im gonna die from a anxaity attack

    99. Marcelo Paiva