NELK Picking Up Hot Girls In Alabama!


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    1. NELK

      The new drop is flames boys go check it


        What's the song in the start of the video?

      2. Tvarn

        everything is sold out you smeagles

      3. Muscleman8562

        I just ate 3 lit cigarettes in a video 💪💥

      4. bambamdevil

        You guys are fucking insane I'm try to live like this when I'm older dog full fucking send

      5. Abigail Joseph

        my bday was November 23 lol

    2. Rival Alliance

      Why am i watching nerds acting cool

    3. Elijah Harris

      Dope a$$ commercials 👌👌

    4. YourCasualGuy

      The guy at 14:55 looks like Saul Goodman from breaking bad or better call Saul

    5. ur local plugg

      11:50. Factssssss 👀🥴✌️

    6. Scott Smith

      Full send

    7. Elias Juarez

      Fukn love Steve

    8. TheJasyn84

      Ricegum’s girl in the intro

    9. George Costanza

      23:02 sad lady for giving her number out in front of a guy thats clearly interested in her.

    10. Deepak Kumar s

      Sweet Home Alabama...😂🤣

    11. carlos asabarra


    12. Mychael Gonzalez

      Fuckkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NELK FUCKIN BOYS ARE THE SHIZZNIT

    13. Can't Katchem

      Sleepy kreepy Joe that was great

    14. Madd Max

      14:30 when Rob knew he done fucked up.

    15. Gabriel Rangel

      When are you guys coming to an Atlanta Club?

    16. Glitzy FC

      Bro I’d sell my soul to be part of the NELKBOYZ

    17. Jeremy Trammell

      The editing nelk comes with is years ahead of everyone!!! Keep it up boys. Come to destin Florida please 🙏

    18. Jackson Heilman

      I stayed in this hotel when I toured bama

    19. Ken M

      Steve is ME like 33 Years Ago.

    20. Ken M

      Steve is absolutely right!! Why do anything without being buzzed?? FUCk!! Haha

    21. Camdon Spencer

      Bro I like how they stayed a couple blocks from me

    22. Alberto Camacho

      does the pill work on the smoothie tho. asking for a friend

    23. gamesAraider

      There are hot girls in Alabama?

    24. Joseph Wilson

      Who did that lady think she was at the store? You can't tell people how to talk 🤣

    25. leo Garcia

      lll do it, Ill put 10k on myself if you put 20K

    26. Randy Carrillo

      Full Send #1

    27. Pavan Singh

      FIRE ALL DAY ALL NIGHT . NELK boys are the besttttt . SALIMTHE DREAM , STEVEWILLDOIT are amazing . Love from INDIA guys. I wait for the next video watching all the old videos.

    28. danny peters

      When you boys decide to come down under (Sydney) hit us up for the time of your life 😜💯

    29. Ryan Kirsch

      hey boys... link me i can drink boys Canada boys let's getr done boys


      🤣Love how nobody give a f about Ricegums Ex at the intro.

    31. The Don

      Whose the asian chick in the intro???

      1. WXVY_MIKE

        ellerie marie

    32. Scott Camargo

      I don’t like how y’all end the video fast. Y’all can make 40 minute videos we’ll watch. Finish the video

    33. anthony lanni


    34. Aj R

      got int

    35. ummalanduh

      How do you join the fullsend club for more content

    36. John Davis

      Can someone explain the satchel emoji to me? Lol

    37. Daniel Robicheau

      I need darts asap.

      1. Daniel Robicheau

        @nelk @stevewilldoit

    38. Justin Brewer

      WAIT!!!!!!!??? Your winter jackets have zippers!!!!!?? Hahaha holy cumolly!

    39. Mr. Grey

      Everybody has to have that one chick friend or gf that keeps the show going

    40. adrian r

      All these walmart workers are miserable 😆

    41. JUST FOR FUN

      Where's the thumbnail chick lmao

    42. Borncinnaz

      Does anyone actually buy this gear?

    43. Kevin Fajardo

      I wanna comes with the boyz! I want be a Happy Dad!!

    44. Joshua Fult

      12:46 classic Kyle convinces the guy to get hammered lmao

    45. FATSS

      You shut that foo up haha damm funny

    46. David Burgess

      He didn’t have 5k

    47. Jay Young

      18:06 Salim's EYEBALLS

    48. Justin Hensley

      gtfo my streams simps

    49. John Salvaggio

      Steve is the shit fr.

    50. matt brown

      “I’m trying to save up for a new fucking dirt bike” 🤣🤣

    51. Ethan Essex

      steve was one of kyles projects so he gotta make ppl put sum respect on his name

    52. Bruce Schlemmer

      Dude just didn’t have the big NELK $ to back up his mouth .... I wanted to see him try !

    53. vayla brown

      The queen who said “don’t put that in her drink!”

    54. haaaaan914

      Come to Peekskill, NY. Bring Steve I'll drink him under the table.

    55. z livermore

      "babe why aren't you drinking your no-baby-banana smoothie

    56. Myles Walker


    57. Alex Bertsch

      Salim gets bitches

    58. Daniel Green

      Sneaky creepy Joe 😂😂

    59. C Lav

      steve stole layhey's "i am the liquor"

    60. Xefin Odius

      9:12 ees cawled roos

    61. supra angel

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    62. MrCyclopsking`s Crappy Music Videos

      wat in the shit

    63. Popular Trade


    64. Den Stizz

      Please send jesse back man go and fkg tie him and bright him back ...

    65. Anthony Stark '23

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    66. Try Me San Diego

      Come Back to SAN DIEGO!

    67. Josh 5.7 Ram

      Roll tide boys!! Let me know the next time you’re in Alabama.

    68. Kevin Edwards

      I needa pack of darts no cap

    69. Simphiwe Prince

      Steve word ou , she wasn't doing that coz it was creepy. but I could see she was down to play the imaginary hooker..

    70. Simphiwe Prince

      is it because it's black wine ...Steve tryna pull 'those' cards.. lol

    71. Bradlee Caldwell

      I fucking love Jesse yo!!!

    72. Greed Greed

      I've drinkened three bottles of wine in under a minute. Steve Will Did It.

    73. Dale Haugen

      5k for a death they wild no one can beat Steve he a different breed

    74. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Laxatives Humidifyer s

    75. Noah Ramer

      RIP- Fresh



    77. Antonio Davison

      Bro it’s a white claw😂

    78. Walter Ochoaa

      You guys are the shit Brodie hit me back on Instagram please need some help badly bro @4xkilos

    79. Sahin Ozturk

      Steve needs liquor to make the right decisions I need heroin

    80. Billy Kimber

      That blonde girl overly. Bad

      1. Billy Kimber

        Damn there’s hella blonde girls I think her name Kelly

    81. Donovan Smith

      Plan b smoothies could be the new wave

    82. Retro Fotos

      What’s up with cousin jay hair lmfao

    83. Benefit Roofing

      her name his karen lol

    84. FARLOSHA _HQ

      ohh shoot your in downtown gadsden

    85. Kevin Tran

      These dudes are not funny lmao it's sad

    86. Jonathan Mendoza

      19:25 the man in the back 🤣🤣

    87. Psychotic Skittle

      imagine shotgunning a white claw tho

    88. Psychotic Skittle

      “like any tough decisions, driving, anything, its always good to have liquor there”

    89. Arthur Morgan x

      Who’s the blonde?

    90. Doug Gasparutti

      Steve is a nut! hahahaha. I'm surprised he doesn't get arrested more often but that hooker bit was funny as f$ck!

    91. DuelCreekPosse

      The Austin powers music makes these videos 10000x better


      that zoo york intro hittin hard

    93. BearMouse

      Kyle is my spirit animal

    94. Mitchell Cole

      That's how we party in Tuscaloosa

    95. supra angel

      The ordinary peer-to-peer unexpectedly wobble because dollar thermodynamically stain inside a chief battery. closed, bewildered bench

    96. Ptown GetsDown

      Let's f♡ckin gooooooo Fire alllllllll nite Let's gooo 🅱️🆒️🅱️🆓️ Drink happy dad 🦸‍♂️NELK 🆚️ THE 🌎

    97. Tony John


    98. Zedeye

      Bro I feel bad for rob like he’s just drunk talking shit and then he prolly embarrassed as fuck after

    99. MJ B


    100. MJ B