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    1. Cody Petawabano

      Gambles rocking the Concordia Stingers sweater hell yeah

    2. jeanette naylor

      What was that polo g song 🔥

    3. adidas1984x

      It’s over 400 k likes boys !!

    4. SafireMakesThings

      coolest virgins

    5. bob ross


    6. Vrshark

      Bruh I love how when they were recreating the old intro Steve sneezed 😂

    7. John McClane

      Why was that short little Asian dude in the grocery store tryin got flex so hard? Bro, you’re not intimidating.

    8. carlos asabarra

      ayeo that doll tho

    9. Frezer Getasew

      Don’t worry he shitted before he came here

    10. Frezer Getasew

      “Sir check out this pussy” Steve kill me

    11. Connor Robinson

      I stopped watching nelk about 8 months ago but i started watching again today and i cant believe lukas is back lets fuckin go

    12. Dozed Mods

      Lol Kyle did not like that hug for some reason…

    13. The Republic Of Texas

      I do what I want

    14. Sticky Indica89

      Steve trying to give that guy the sex doll is the funniest thing ever

    15. Sticky Indica89

      The boys are back in town baby!

    16. norwaymo

      No body seems to like gambles

    17. goat

      10:44 what she doin bro? tf 😂😂

    18. LegiitSky90

      Funny af y’all are amazing wish i could join the crew

    19. LegiitSky90


    20. LegiitSky90


    21. LegiitSky90

      Thank god Steve’s back in the vids

    22. LegiitSky90

      Lucas parents really stressing now 🤣

    23. El de la siera

      I’m pretty sure that the spider man guy was a thief hahahahaha

    24. T ray Bone

      Anyone else think they hat a snap 7:16

    25. FREDDY FB


    26. Papi Longlegs

      Gta charge was the tow truck

    27. illougal nation

      I would be impressed if you would prank rich people. Not struggling people.

    28. Jason Graber

      U shod fuck with some Amish ppl in Indiana

    29. Logan Reaction Videos

      He said there is really no reason to be wearing CrossFit gear while dropping off Amazon packages. Ohhhh myyy lol

    30. Taylor Santiago

      OG of Nelk been around from the beginning

    31. josh potts

      Shit so immature lol

    32. John Dog

      Wrong house lmao

    33. Echidna

      10:45 Was she actually getting ready to go Conor McGregor on them ?

    34. Efrain Blanco

      When he punted the box I lost it 😂😂😂

    35. 8 XA Dishant Kambli

      Nelk is amazing!

    36. Zeus II

      The Glass boot didn’t smash 😱

    37. Chris Spada

      Obviously she’s going to take your side you a woman 😂😂🤣

    38. Corbin Ruiz

      Man this absolutely makes my day y’all are funny as hell

    39. keiraan donald

      These guys live the life man 👌

    40. SM0K3

      12:55 has me dead everytime broo😂😂😭💀

    41. Zach Hall

      I swear NLname hid this video from me for 3 months WTAF

    42. Simon Rowe

      He better come back

    43. Garyn

      Break back 90

    44. K Kane


    45. Ali Raza

      6:13 That shit was epic

    46. Sergio Romero

      you guys are fuckin nuts id fit right in 🤣🤣🤣

    47. Sergio Romero

      lmfao you guys are fuckin nuts id fit right in 🤣🤣🤣

    48. f u

      man keep coming back to the lucas reunion happy that he is back

    49. Carson Gaffrey-Kruse


    50. Jacob Jessee

      Kyle be proud of yourself my guy you running the game rn keep dat grind up kitti

    51. SetTrender

      That old Nelk intro😭😭

    52. L I L V C I F X R

      This episode had me dying

    53. Dave Vvhjnvr


    54. Scott Mcsporran

      "can you help me pop these?" 😂

    55. MetalizedButt

      Horse-ass with the ponytail and red t-shirt is so riled up and butthurt lol

    56. Cameron M

      You guys totally rock my socks

    57. Matchwood X

      "Obviously she's gonna take your side cause you're a woman."

    58. Alex Roberecki

      what song is playing at 5:32 after the meek song?

    59. Wrath of Lich king

      How about jake hill???

    60. мσнѕєи αвDυllαн

      10:57 yoooooo The blind guy i can’t 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. John Smith

      Nelk giving advice on quit your education lol he’s making money... you Are NOT! if you believe Nelk, I’ll see you on the side of road holding a sign “ anything help” so tell this punk for F-off

    62. Damon Alexander


    63. Emil Baowzfeldt


    64. dj

      Miss Jesse man

    65. Gavin McArdle

      NO WAYYY

    66. Sandileby JORDAN

      Yo wtf ,bra said i saw they wit you take me off the camera

    67. Rodrigo Araújo

      Is that an RS7 ?

    68. Daniel DoloDubs

      Dude anyone who shoots for hundreds of thousands of likes and always gets it lol

    69. Drew Winder

      Where’s brad when you need him?

    70. Dawson Hendrix

      Why is there an ad on here if you don’t make money? Lolol

    71. The lit Boi



      “I can make him speak”

    73. Sydni Sweets

      Go subscribe to my Only Fans!🖤🍭

    74. Peyton L

      My biggest flex is that I’ve watched NELK since before they hit 100k

    75. Ansidual

      PROMOTE fullsend crypto!!! Next doge!!! @nelk

    76. Lifewithtek 111

      Love the production of the vids

    77. Sarah L

      Yall should really only be pranking rich ppl at this point. Rich people fucking with average peoples jobs idk...not cool

    78. OZZY

      when lucase putted that amazon box i died lol

    79. DayTripperCrack

      Lucas did good his first vid back

    80. ex!منفى

      yall are wild lmao

    81. ex!منفى

      does steve have a lisp

    82. James Weatherbie


    83. faize lo

      please let me drink with y’all😔

    84. UniversoOzuna

      Steve kills me all the time 😂 😂

    85. Mick Hudson

      NFL Lucas got phattt...

    86. Bal Crady

      underrated video

    87. ForeverTrash

      Got Lucas back now just gotta get Jesse back boys

    88. Andres Enriquez

      "I thought it was for midgets" that shit had me dead

    89. big fish

      Ohh shit Lucas! Im an OG NELK FAN I've been watching nelk since Lucas was there. The original Three. I think I started watching a couple months before he left the group!

    90. big fish

      Fuck yeah NELK boys! Commenting for the boost👍

    91. Jesse McKay


    92. Nick Newport

      U know damn well that dude in the Spider-Man mask just got done robbing a house n seen them so he stopped 2 tell them he was working on a house and he does drywall. Lmao in a Spider-Man mask?

    93. bender chitown

      Now we need 9/0

    94. Chris Ayala

      broo I work with that dude @9:35 😂 that’s fucking hilarious

    95. Connor White


    96. 71wheel6kush

      I work my ass off in an Amazon warehouse. This shit is gold dude. Wish my friends had ur energy man.

    97. Steven L


    98. Nick Schiller

      when lucas booted the box I died 🤣

    99. Esquivalience

      3:03 look at those TEETH

    100. BEAU ANGELE

      This one had me laughing my ass off!! 🤣🤣🤣