Taking A Virgin Fan to the Club!


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    1. water ismyfriend

      Chaffee going to the M!

      1. MrPeasant213

        Preach, gambles is cringe asf dude atleast chaffee has his own character and stays true to it.

      2. urdadandmom

        @Ryan Poetz nah it’s bc he’s going to Miami with them in the next vid, look at their snap

      3. Ryan Poetz

        @water ismyfriend yeah bro Same 100% have a great day man

      4. water ismyfriend

        @Ryan Poetz I was just talking shit man lol nothing but love from this stranger to you homie. Hope your doing well in this life and happy!

      5. Kurtis and Hurdle

        Yay we are going to Miami.

    2. tankthomas44

      This country is doomed. The dumbing down of the future. These people are all talentless idiots. Just so you know 😏

    3. John Owens

      Jimmy Gambles is the weakest link of nelk, buddy needs kicked

    4. Azeuka

      Get rid of gambles holy shit he's annoying

    5. John


    6. Cole Hughes

      11:15 “GABRIEL,GET YOUR GEL” !! 😂😂

    7. Aron Henry


    8. Trevor Walker

      is that emily willis?

    9. NightLyfe

      I only wish to see Chaffee get a nice girlfriend

    10. oliv


    11. michael cardiel

      Gambles is weak

    12. theofficialethanparks


    13. 11 Reasons

      Make chaffee apart of NELK

    14. Warner Smith


    15. Jesus Hernandez

      Gambles needs to be out of this group, Chaffee in!

    16. Nick Gonzalez


    17. Jeffery Dahmer

      I like 1 haha 😂

    18. SonicsmexY

      Ur channel would be dead as shit if it wasent for ur boy steve. U better be greatful... we love steve!!

    19. jayhawks8423

      Steve @8:57 😂😂😂

    20. Caton Calderon

      You guys been living under a rock if u don’t know who Emily Willis is

    21. Caton Calderon

      No fucking way they got Emily on here😭😭Emily Willis is my name on cod

    22. anon 1

      Chaffee for gambles

    23. owen lal

      get lucas some more screen time buddy is a beauty and funny asl

    24. Nanderson 13

      eh vid :/

    25. Krisy07

      @steve! I love the way your looking staright.......

    26. DantheHP

      Salim thinks he has arms now? Lol

    27. Grizza Leng

      Abby was so fire.

    28. Austin Harper

      The product placements are the opposite of subtle

    29. jacob stiletto

      Same bday as the virgin

    30. tone tone

      Here after Chaffee got laid

    31. esseeedee

      They put all this money into production value but can’t be bothered to spell check any of these subtitles.

    32. Cactustits

      Ohh shit, y’all dropping this on my birthday!

    33. Matt Valene

      Chaffee is the fuckin’ man. 💪

    34. Marcus Eliasson

      chaffee 2021

    35. Flatts

      You guys should bring back lecture pranks when school starts in person again!

    36. JooJoo Shrimp

      We'll SEE we'll see

    37. KelvinShiFTZ

      Nelk should do more setups in blind dating

    38. Jakob Noack

      Whats her Name?

    39. It Is Cool

      Jimmy Gambles is the reason I watch Nelk. LETS GO!!!! You're the best Gambles! Such an inspiration.

    40. HBROS

      please bring chaffee

    41. Swooshpreme

      Recruit Chaffee as a member of the team!!!

    42. Armando Lugo

      “That’s that black whoopin right there” lmfao salim a fool 🤣

    43. SoulFly

      1&2 def suck first date. 3,4 prolly not to hard but a little harder than 1&2

    44. SoulFly

      kyle knows whats up wearing wisconsin jerseys. it is the biggest drinking state in america. and uw madison is the biggest party school in america. edit: actually got pushed back to number 2 for the first time in decades recently. i just checked.

    45. Joe Craven

      Number 2 is a fucking lunatic. As soon as she mentioned zodiac signs she’d be out.

    46. Walter

      Everyone talking about chaffee and gambles is no one going to talk about the triple earth sign Capricorn?

    47. Flistered

      Who was that teacher chick

    48. Emil Østergaard

      Make Chaffee a part of Nelk!

    49. Savage Sniper

      chaffee got the birthday as me

    50. Ciaran Doherty

      I watch the Emily bit just for the acting

    51. Bad skater

      I don’t think homie knows what’s happening

    52. hybridEP3

      Gambles has never been knocked out and it shows

    53. Payden Taylor

      Lmfao the intro😂

    54. Black Goku

      22:51 damn man i love this dude

    55. Rylee King

      just put chaffee on the squad. he is hilarious

    56. Samuel Boye

      Gambles got to go

    57. Flip Rip

      If Chaffee got laid I think he deserves a spot on the team

    58. W W

      11:38 just taking sips the whole way walking

    59. Wolfgang

      Chaffeeeeeee a fucking legend a real goat

    60. Wolfgang

      Let’s goooooooooooooioi

    61. Carlos Jones


    62. Trevor Cullens

      Damn!!!!!. Chaffee's the most alpha male ever.

    63. MinneSnowDuh !

      Off the the Hub

    64. Pasha Nagra

      what is that rowdy rebel song

    65. Zach

      Get Chaffee on the team ASAP this stuffs golden content boys

    66. SIME

      He should be good by now right?! I mean there’s over 500k likes on the video.David dobrick or whatever the name is, it’s giving up teslas for less 🥸😂🤣🤣

    67. Elvis Fuentes

      Drop gambles, he ain't doin it mah boys

    68. Colton

      Dude get gambles off the channel 😒

    69. Zanda

      These fools bonding on jacking 6 times a day😭💀

    70. Coca Yolaa

      Bro my homie a virgin please get him on this 😂😂☠️

    71. David Castro

      If u don’t do it.I do it😂😂😂😂😂dead great vid ✊🏼let’s go Chaffee

    72. Adam k

      Bunch of cringy ass scammers still living their high school dream.

    73. Jarrett L

      Chaffee I'm dead

    74. Jarrett L

      Sick days 😂💀

    75. Dodger HD

      What song plays at 13:26

    76. MikeAlexander05

      Chaffee is the fkn man

    77. abkhazec Abkhaz

      It’s funny how Salim gives advices and everything. Pretty sure if not for the Nelk he’d be on the same level as Chaffee lol

    78. Rasyaad Bagaskj

      Im from indonesia i really want to work with you guys😭

    79. Matthew Wittwer

      Chaffee > Gambles

    80. Joe Elliott

      can some one tell me what time the drop is tomorrow or is it at midnight tonight ??

    81. mousur

      What a fail lol

    82. Cian Canning

      These edits are fairly cringe

    83. Keith Ferbert

      You guys have gotta do a send in Rhode island!! Steve-o is gonna be down here for his bucket list tour in december👀👀Looks like he's gonna get here first😪

    84. AndFletch

      Funniest video I have ever seen

    85. Bnard

      AYO who’s the teacher though asking for a friend

    86. Rinnie Tensigan

      Gambles needs to be dropped actually hate watching him

    87. Martin Corona

      Kick gambles out he lame

    88. New World Disorder •••

      Bro my last name is Chaffee wtf I’m somehow related to this guy

    89. TJAYV

      More Chaffee dude is hilarious 😂

    90. Thomas Auger

      You gotta get these awkward man's out of here

    91. T Maggie

      Gambles had to of been kyles dorky friend in high school. Or middle school. There’s a reason. They keep him around. It’s not cuz he’s cool and original lol it’s cuz he’s not. He balances energy within the group by being the punching bag.

    92. Bubba Kushington

      Holy shit the most open easy going virgin ever. Uncomfortable at times tho.

    93. cezz piotrowski

      What’s the teachers name

    94. ATG

      Who is that girl acting as the "teacher"?

    95. Jeremy Broadwater

      Fire Gambles

    96. nestor morloy

      Chaffee againts Gambles ! 2 Rounds Fight !! Winner Stays on Nelk

    97. ALY R

      I came here for @jackdenmo comments

    98. nasttyo

      My jerk count record in one day is 38

    99. conflit1993

      Who’s the girl dressed as the teacher?

    100. Charlie H

      they guy got all ID well done lad smart move