Taking a Virgin to the Club!


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    1. Draco’s Vc

      This was a actually a fire video🔥 Good shit boys!🔥

      1. SGT_ENDO

        @Dustin Peterson what do you mean, by thief?

      2. Stetson Dinkel

        @Katzman Ryan no it wasn't there's a bunch of videos of jack denmo doing this way before nelk

      3. I am who I am

        @Katzman Ryan uuuh....no

      4. Katzman Ryan

        @I am who I am This video was posted before

      5. Katzman Ryan

        @Stetson Dinkel This video was posted before

    2. Sim an

      So basically every woman that talks to him they hired.

    3. Kacem

      Kick gambles from the team

    4. Theonlywaytolifeisto TrustinChrist

      The thumbnail to this video reminds me of STDs and smelly things. Ewww

    5. Miguel Angel Estrella-Ibarra

      What song was it at 6:10

    6. Miguel Angel Estrella-Ibarra

      What song was at 6:10??

    7. No way jose

      i love steve lmaooo, mans always fucking drunk xdddd

    8. Noah Parker

      Those girls looked like hookies

    9. narasarang

      jordan is too old to go to arizona with the boys eh ?

    10. Chris Cripe

      You guys got fucking Jordan Belfort on that's sick!

    11. Leo Carrillo

      That airplane Scene is outta of a movie

    12. BrennyGames

      Want to help someone get back at an ex. My ex misso is dating my old best mate now and they were fucking as we were dating.

    13. Jack Gills

      Good job

    14. Trtania

      oh hey there Nelk thieves

    15. pouya parhami

      They are 4s; you are 1 man and that is being nice. Some dudes deserve to be virgin. He can not look at the girls in the eye, p****

    16. Mike Perez

      Can’t wait for the movie

    17. Craig White

      Great job on the video! You guys kill it. Representing Sauga! Keep it up.

    18. Pro Noob

      "A lot of girls in the seas"

    19. Brad Macneil

      They drinking happy dads before they even came out

    20. Lisandro Velasquez

      Next NELK shirt : Is it wrong to fuck raw dawg ?

    21. Visionz Gaming

      Get rid of gambles, guys a douche.

    22. Liam Ruud


    23. PeterSchauer8

      Gambles fucked 12 hookers🤣 that’s crazy

    24. Glesaen

      Get rid of lucas!!!

    25. Chris Gower

      What’s the song Salim was dancing to in front of the Tesla?

    26. BananaMan

      yo i am getting marryed in 2 years

    27. Marc Cathcart jr

      Steve you’re high as fuck. “Nah Nah, I - I feel good 🙂”

    28. Soowoo22

      Fuck yall stealin from Denmo

    29. Juan Sanchez

      7:54 is that koeman?

    30. Ali Hussain

      editor is so goated

    31. goat

      14:38 happy dads

    32. Pep The shep

      jay looked like tupac on the plain

    33. alexis jair

      whats that song played in the tesla

    34. Justin Brewer

      Dude I made my comments hella early! Before the Starbucks! Ahahaha YES!!!

    35. Justin Brewer

      I like the whole team but birthday boy is quite a bit unlikable! Especially after the next video. I watched backwards but this dude is kinda a puss eh?

    36. Joseph Wilson

      My ex cheated on me and left with my kids while I was at work so I came home to an empty place. Can we prank that b****? 🤣

    37. SGT_ENDO

      I’ve been engaged for ten years! Help a brother out with my wedding! 🙏🙏🙏

    38. Brooks Fishing

      12:56 nelk has really been hiding happy dads Bc they are all drinking them in this vid and this vid is old

    39. Actavistttt

      When Steve was holding the bottle during the suit part and said happy birthday buddy it reminded u of my grandpa giving u sips when u were younger lmaooo

    40. Andre

      this is so depressing wathcing during quarintine

    41. Wabi-sabi8551

      In the future, when the survivors of WWIII teach their children about the collapse of Western Civilization, NELK will be covered in the curriculum... and several chapters will be dedicated explicitly to stevewilldoit.

    42. Hayden Parker

      They are drinking happy dads 😃

      1. Lorenzo Sanchez

        Ong and we didn’t notice

    43. Luis Pulgarin

      Whats that song called

    44. Will Clapp

      Gambles was drunk af bro

    45. Kaige 07


    46. Jamie Briers

      Anyone know who the girls is who gave gambles that lap dance

    47. ivonne astorga

      300k likesbplan mine @nelk

    48. anonymous #2

      Jordan Belfort, betting 5k, saying he's confident. Was worse then Epstein's testimony.

    49. Stephen Cole

      Gambles is so beyond dorky. If he didn’t luckily link up with Nelk he’d continue only get lucky pleasing himself to Facebook pictures.

      1. Lev Gawdiak

        Yo why u so pressed bro relax plus hes not that dorky

    50. matteo

      Sneak me into a club

    51. jordan fraser

      Come to thunder bay Boys. Were dieing out here. We can play a pond hockey game with Mark, Jordan, Jared and Eric stall and Taylor pyatt.

    52. Ike Terrible

      I love how they don’t fux with the covid bullshit

    53. Ghxst 713

      16:36 yo anyone know her @?

    54. cory shankle

      W Gambles

    55. Nick Knox

      I've been married for 5 years and no bachelor party

    56. Israel Zamora

      i like trhese unrighteous men but they will not see the kingdom of heaven fire awaits them but id gladly take them out if i could

    57. Emma ma

      These videos are funny but the whole part where that old guy was giving him a “pep talk” is very problematic. You can tell that old man doesn’t see women as people only objects

      1. Raymond Torres

        Are you a feminist ?

    58. Leo Hwang

      You guys did the bachelor party video. You ready to help a fan who was cheated on by their ex now? 😂🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

    59. Jade TheBlade

      6.66M subs right now

    60. Gary Fagan

      For the amount of dick heads over that side of the world it’s a bit lame not hitting 6 mill

    61. Christopher Gonzalez

      First tie riding a bull… if Steven willdoit then so will I… good episode. Check out dale brisby….

    62. Ayan Khan

      nice one bruv

    63. Persiah 777

      he definitely didn't get laid


      11:41 😳😳😳😳😳😳

    65. Exeunt

      It’s lit seeing all the Happy Dad cans in the video before the official announcement it’s like a little Easter egg

    66. Vxie

      anyone wish they had friends like this?

    67. Poakk

      5:24 this is where mah boy messed up

    68. Leo Remruata

      I wonder where have i seen this before

    69. Bradley mantla

      My ex cheated on dm bois

    70. GroundZip

      They actually got the goat jordan😂

    71. Andrew Ortiz

      jordan belfort is the coolest man of all time

    72. dannytanmusic

      yall got Taylor's IG or what

    73. Uh swirv

      Nobody cares who jack denmo is , lmfao yall nerds

    74. Amy and Carlos


    75. Skyler Diato

      He said raw dawg guy that it was fucking a dog 😂

    76. John Woods

      Sad part is he didn’t get laid. Happy part is that it’s because he’s Gay

    77. Symfu

      16:27 😱 😳 it’s Sava.Schultz on tiktok she got banned. she’s 🔥bro if u dont hook with her idk man, I’m down bad for her. Shit

    78. Jonathan Madrigal

      Salim stay having that shit litty city

    79. JeromePlays M

      mishi mishi

    80. Frank Ramos

      Whose the bird that gave him the lap dance?

    81. HoaG

      Good thing they took off the Link to Jack Denmos videos since he was hella salty

    82. garrett meyer

      Looking back and seeing Belfort with a happy dad.... mind blowing

    83. Zachary Nevarez

      I fucking cant believe yall let him spray whatever tf that was in the pj... Thats like my ultimate goals and that made me big sad to see the no fucks given on that

    84. Dell Bank

      Thought America pie was movie 😂

    85. Kenzie Does Lashes

      Did they just shot gun happy dad

      1. Kenzie Does Lashes

        And try to hide it

    86. Kenzie Does Lashes

      I don’t like jim

    87. Oj yes that one

      Holy shit it’s Jordan Belfort

    88. Andrey Ivanov

      The pep talk was no joke man

    89. Yankeys718

      Just realized they were drinking happy dad in this video before we even knew anything lol !! Gotta pay attention to detail with these guys you never know..

    90. tokiisradical

      the music choice is great in this video

    91. EliteZero kelly

      Whats the background music when they in the jet and kyles giving a speech

    92. Ethan Westerhout

      The new send house was one of my old homies houses that's crazy that they living there now, I had childhood memories in that house man that's insane\

    93. Nashlin Ramgopal

      Jack Denmo FTW at least credit the guy!

    94. Nashlin Ramgopal

      Steve's solo channel is much better

    95. One Oak

      You don’t pay a hooker to stay, you pay a hooker to leave. 💨💨💨💨💨🧏🏽‍♂️💯💯💯💯💯🧾

    96. hey lol

      17:30 song

    97. Joseph Mendez

      Peep the happy dad, this was dropped 2 months ago

    98. Clash with Mi

      Sorry boys I'd rather watch someone with a little dignity. Removing a small creator who is the real founder of this video from description is messed up.

      1. Clash with Mi

        @_ iam_kmzxxii meet them irl you'll see why it matters

      2. _ iam_kmzxxii

        Bro, who tf cares lmaoooo

    99. Riley Dudley

      Drain the pool and fill it with happy dad

    100. adrian luna

      Let me join nelk I will full send anything 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼