We Pranked a Big Foot Expert With a Fake Big Foot 2!


5 mln. weergaven38 000

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    1. NELK

      500,000 likes on the video for the abominable snowman search

      1. Vic G.

        will we get that video soon with badge

      2. Jaylen Davis

        @Jase Daniel fax

      3. James Pagett

        500k likes done

      4. Jase Daniel

        Oh crap they gotta do it

      5. Lakona

        Badge does the tracking.

    2. Marcelo Cantillano

      Y’all ever seen scooby doo alien invaders? This The old man😂

    3. Sim an

      "Dont come inside me, let me finish" wtf

    4. Volked.l2

      Better bring a jacket

    5. Prince RT

      I fucking love you guys

    6. hitman00047able

      That’s cassady Campbell at the end dressed up as an FBI agent ? 😱

    7. scrappy hustler

      Looks like you boys and Vag are going yeti hunting!!

    8. Jack Danforth

      Next big foot one don’t tell them it’s a prank

    9. James Bra

      That beard sniff lol so funny

    10. Zay

      am i buggin or is the fbi agent cassidy campbell

    11. Ps4 Legend

      Poor guy ha ha

    12. Sergio Mora

      He reminds me of my cat🤣

    13. AJ Greenman

      Salim is awesome but the main nelk guy sucks and needs to be replaced by someone funny

    14. Maria Tinajero

      he remind me of my cat dead

    15. nightrider

      I fucking lost it when he started sniffing his beard

    16. Lok Pik

      Guess who's hunting the yeti...

    17. Mr Nice

      Badge looks and sounds like uncle Jesse from the dukes of hazard.

    18. Jake Nav

      Is it me or does Kyle seem extra douchey latley?

    19. A Guy Named Nick

      Of course Cassady showed up with FBI lol

    20. LIL Moon

      Lmaooo “that boy is a gem” 😭😭

    21. SoaR Phoenix


    22. Big Jimmy

      We hit 500k likes, better get to work

    23. Lorenzo Moreno


    24. Jandre Garcia

      “Im James Charles” from that point on I knew this vid was gonna be a classic🤣

    25. Amean Al-abij

      The FBI guy is Cassidy Campbell ! How’d no one notice ?

    26. DavidsBurning

      We reached 500K boys

    27. The Lamb Sauce

      Y'all should prolly just have your own mtv show at this point

    28. Sergio Mora


    29. Amaya

      Can u guys post his art for sale on your sight 🥺 I wanna buy it, it’s incredible

      1. Amaya


    30. Faze Juice

      10:46 how did the old man not relize he wasn't deaf 😂😂

    31. Mrbpositive


    32. Mrbpositive

      We love you nelk

    33. Mrbpositive

      I made the 501k likes please let's get the snow man

    34. Aidan Byrne

      We’ve got 500,000 likes👀👀

    35. Benjamin Mohlén

      Legendary vid as usual!

    36. K Burkett

      Oi Salim 😂😂😂 bro your cooked keep it up!

    37. IceSwallowCome31

      15:20 i cant stop laughing ahahaahhaaaaaaaaaaa

    38. JDDS

      The boys hit 500K likes

    39. El Mamadou Qc

      Still the realest pranks on here

    40. Abbas


    41. Jacob Baranowski

      What are you doing here, you should be on SEGA vs Nintendo Console Wars...oh I mistaken you for the guy from Steve Will Do It.

    42. park shoe

      500k boys

    43. Shreyas Sharma

      Just hit 500k

    44. Doja0ut619 lopez

      He’s deaf af 😂😂

    45. Mik Bleumink

      Salim fucking killed that shit holy fuck

    46. Roberto Guerrero

      Bring happy dad to sacramento 📍916

    47. Cameron Marquardt

      Love that intro lmao

    48. Alec Coull

      It hit 500k Likes!!

    49. Harry Tibbs

      500k now heck yeahhhhh

    50. Anthony Guerra

      Badge: who’s that guy? Nelk: he’s your neighbour 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Adam Ha

      I was the 500,000 like send that shit ... we need that yeti video

    52. Hayden Coppersmith

      Come on boys 499k get it to 500k

    53. Uperesa

      I sense a lot of group conflict

    54. Uperesa

      lmao gambles bet not fuck it up , dudes a fucking squid

    55. Rizzy

      i felt so bad when they were being mean to badge

    56. iJabs


    57. Sulo 007

      Salami alway eating potato chips 😂 lol

    58. Justin Case

      Almost 500k likes

    59. Julian C

      Opening line: “I’m James Charles” 😂

    60. Killer 1997

      Salim a different breed

    61. YourCasualGuy

      At 12:11 the dude said after rijek lmaooooooooooooooo

    62. YourCasualGuy

      Rafiki making noises was so funny

    63. Blaine Hare

      Im james charles🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

    64. c ditzler

      you only need 1499 likes now

    65. Kyle C

      1 mil likes they take acid with badge that would be sooo funny

    66. Noah Clark

      Where is Jessie

      1. RyGuan

        Taking a break from this season I bekieve

    67. ScuFFii__ZA


    68. Adrenaline

      "it was like, sheesh sheesh"

    69. Sergio Arias

      fucking love the NELKBOYS

    70. dcoog anml

      in a movie

    71. XenoFrost 12

      So close I’m liked it when it was at 499k

    72. Jayce Kastner

      Yea so I saw badge sticking his ass into the woods yesterday

      1. dcoog anml

        The quality of that suit was top notch, kinda makes sense why this guy thought he really saw one

    73. Jayce Kastner

      Kyle lookin jackedd

    74. N

      Too weird could of been funny

    75. Kuba Henriksen

      close to 500k

    76. lostmykeyz

      how do these guys not laugh

    77. PANDA

      Salim biting his beard i lost it

    78. comonerleon

      I live for these Bigfoot videos

    79. ttkr llmok

      I snuck a pair in anyways😂😂

    80. V-be s

      This looks like the boot leg of the david dorbrik squad

    81. THE REQUIS

      no way they used a hans zimmer track lmaoooo

    82. TRIZZY8K

      Badge is Legendary

    83. Andres Tierradentro

      I need more badge 😂😂🥲🤧

    84. d_strobia

      " He reminds me of my cat " i'm dead 😂

    85. Molly Jackson

      No words. Jesus Christ. I'm dead. 😂

    86. Chris Godfrey

      We’re at 497k! Gotta get a few more likes for the search for the yeti!!!!

    87. Chris Godfrey

      The quality of that suit was top notch, kinda makes sense why this guy thought he really saw one

    88. Benjamin Schramm

      cream cheese on pizza is low key fire

    89. boyce evans

      Badge was such a good sport. Seems like a great guy

    90. MambaEdits

      This is the most satirical video I’ve ever seen. Had this dude hook, line, and sinker. Bravo boys eh

    91. Alex Brillant

      Buddy ya know ay

    92. Percules TV

      Im glad that ended well Badge is the goat

    93. Wout Sueters

      i feel kinda bad for the guys

    94. Joshua Carr

      Y’all Evil I love it jits

    95. Adrian Villasenor

      Get badge to shotgun a happy dad or maybe out the shoe😂

    96. Hayden Efferson

      I would have started dying laughing in the middle of him screaming 😂💀

    97. HNLB

      Rafiki got me dead😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    98. Jackson Crocker

      How does salim do that