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We Threw a Fans Bachelor Party!


4,7 mln. weergaven27 000


    1. Mike Tyson

      Call me next time.

      1. Press Amendment Auditor

        YEOOO you got mike tyson on here? JESUS

      2. SAI

        Hell no Mike I'd just give up right there 😭😭😭

      3. Richard Binder

        Yo boys , I could get y’all on my ship (A U.S Navy ship) and y’all can fuck with the crew 😂😂 be the best fucking prank y’all ever did

      4. n0fear15


      5. Chad Williamson

        Damn not even Mike Tyson can resist the Send lol

    2. Michael Williams

      I can’t even finish this fucking video with out getting pissed asf at gambles. What a loser

    3. Michael Williams

      Steve is a ducking lazy bum

    4. EverybodyHatesJared

      Fire gamble he sucks

    5. Drunk Bender

      The pics of the final make me the day !!!!!!!

    6. Nick D

      Gambles sucks get him out of here

    7. Deanna Day

      you guys are amazing love the content

    8. Rico Conti

      GET CHAFFY LAID !!!!!

    9. Slow but Perfect

      Nelk is the equivalent to the Hang Over movie. Fucking pog, FULL SEND BABY

    10. Whis 100

      Chaffy is made for this shit

    11. michael dod

      Why and how doesn’t screw-tube pay these boys?

    12. RolenD2

      Gambles is a liability lol

    13. Hillboys racing 937

      This shit was fire

    14. Patrick

      fkn love you guys

    15. lucifer morningstar

      ONETHING FOR SURE no more pansy ass bachelors that dont appreciate nelk throwing them a party 'babe is it ok if i get a lap dance oh and um can i borrow my balls for the weekend "

    16. Jack Rooney

      bro somebody needed to sock that leanona thing in the face

    17. Jonah Deane

      yeah the boys

    18. Brad Pitt

      Layona cahk lol

    19. Killer 1997

      This had my dying hahahahh

    20. Fabian Cebreros


    21. Yabet Reyes

      Send it

    22. C C

      Been watching youtube for a lot of years now. Can't believe I've only just come across these boys. Absolute legends!

      1. Brendan Dantes

        unless someone you know tells you about them youll never find them. youtube aint gonna suggest this shit lol

    23. Dc young fly him Self

      Nice vid

    24. Josh Connolly

      Imagine the non NLname version 😂

    25. Tammy Carlson

      my name is rayce bro

    26. Nathan Lichtmann

      How did this not get copyrighted for the Avengers music lmao

    27. Jack Rooney

      Kyle you’re the all time goat man .. living legend in the flesh

    28. U S

      aye ulysses whats up me lol

    29. John McClane

      That’s some wholesome content, boys.

    30. random person

      yall should thro me a party for my bday this year😭💯i just got out after being locked up for seven months on the 19th of this month n yall niggas juss too turnt no kapp

    31. Brandon Hunt

      Steve and his naps.ha

    32. Tucker Murphy Outdoors

      Nelk needs to film this dudes wedding

    33. Craig Tansley

      You boys are the goats

    34. Wo SiccNasty

      Bro Salim’s reaction at the pretend wedding was great. Mans mouthed “don’t do it”

    35. Red Shrine Productions

      Gambles a goof.

    36. Jon

      Why don't you make money off of NLname?

    37. aurel wink

      Get chaffy laid woooot

    38. aurel wink

      Chappy is hqppy

    39. aurel wink


    40. aurel wink

      Damn id get married just to go on a batchalor party with nelk lmao......

    41. Twistex

      Love the ending with the pictures, just like the hangover lol

    42. Dillon Farrell

      There just getting kidnapped for real and they think it’s part of the plan

    43. Noah Howell

      Fuck Gambles

    44. Johnna Dandridge

      Why does gambles piss me the fuck off

    45. Leon Shaw

      I love every video you guys do I just had to comment on this one as I laughed my arse off all the way threw 👌 I’m from England when are you coming over here you have fans over here 🤟

    46. che astbury

      You guys are the best!

    47. Conor Martin

      replace gamble with chaffy 100000% bois

    48. matt


    49. Levan Gasparini

      Jimmy gambles gotta relax or the hater will come.

    50. J2 Yongsangaunchai

      Gambles is so hatable man

    51. Kasey Johnson

      Cousin getting the number 😂😂

    52. Brad Lecerf

      You guys are fucking Legends.... Never smiled so much during youtube videos.... Your all fuckin bosses

    53. Dray_Aus

      I need this belt baby great vid

    54. Beto Zapien

      That shyt is dope

    55. Anaudi Hernandez

      Kyle really is a frat president

    56. FIGUEROOAA03


    57. FIGUEROOAA03

      I swear this a project x movie or something XD🔥

    58. FIGUEROOAA03

      Salim reminds me of the guy from pain and gain😂😂😭

    59. FIGUEROOAA03

      Nroo not the bride 😂💀💀💀

    60. Michael Miller

      Fly the virgin out to cali for a tug!!!!

    61. Steven Reeves

      This is so dope

    62. GUILLERO Cabello92


    63. Amaury Dehez

      fuck gambles

    64. TheHehe930

      Gambles is so cocky for no reason it’s not even confidence LOL he’s not even funny tho 😭ruins the vibe of the group

      1. Taryn Nolen

        yeah I've never liked Gambles.. he is always talking shit on people and trying to put them down.. my guess is to try to be funny or to seem cool but he just comes off as a dick..

    65. SandersRulez

      Kyle said “ sit down you know what you signed up for” shit had me rolling 😂

    66. Rob Kelly

      500k likes. Let’s get Chaffey laid boys!

    67. Mario

      Kyle getting Steve back out of bed for the fans is sick. He’s the goat, takes the business and fans seriously.

    68. ovo Ali

      Love from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦!!!!

    69. E Hernandez

      If the Avengers were Full Senders.

    70. TGM

      ill never stoop supporting nelk to the moon

    71. Ken M

      I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

    72. Ken M


    73. Taking Flights

      Y’all lit asf together 🔥🔥💯🤙🏽🙏🏽

    74. Victor Bergamin

      Gambles is so fkn cringe, they need to drop him asap

    75. MnEr0nE mmn

      He/she said layonher cock

    76. The St valentine's day massacre

      Dope asf

    77. N1C0


    78. DabbyT

      The Avengers theme when they were being kidnapped killed me 🤣🤣

    79. Shjkesnc


    80. Stephen Bibiyan


    81. Jon Boyer

      Full Send


      Is he getting laid or NAH LESS GOOOO FAM

    83. NiinoThaSavage


    84. Crawford Mann

      Chaney getting laid??

    85. SGT_ENDO

      Keep up the supreme content boys!

    86. kameron thompson

      This is a video bro damn

    87. Juan José Restrepo


    88. Jame D

      What a lame bachelor

    89. R4LF

      500,000 gotta get chaffy back now

    90. Glock Nine

      kyle ia the man and steve too. would love to send and have fun with yall.

    91. Glock Nine

      yall are amazing real life the hangover movie shit... full send GOAT

    92. Patrick Duffy

      You guys are dope I love what your doing keep sending it boys

    93. GroovyCam

      Fucking love your guys’ videos

    94. GroovyCam

      Cousin jay “chug chug chug” ☠️☠️🤣 shit sent meee

    95. Lucas Hansen

      Keep that shit coming boyz!!!!

    96. Max Vriesema

      Lets go boyssssss

    97. Corey Scott

      There's your 500k likes 👍 u gotta get chaffy laid

    98. DrunkenWombat

      Update- there’s no more wedding 😂

    99. Little Kahunas777

      Now that's how you SEND your boy.

    100. Daniel Johansson